REVEALED: Hotspots in Norwich with the most burglaries

More people being home during the pandemic saw a fall in burglaries.

More people being home during the pandemic saw a fall in burglaries. - Credit: Getty Images

Burglary hotspots and the location of break-ins across Norwich have been revealed by new crime figures. 

The statistics from, a national site containing detailed crime data about individual police forces and neighbourhood teams, show where every break-in has occurred since the start of the pandemic. 

A map of every burglary in Norwich between March 2020 to October 2021, compiled by the Evening News, shows the approximate locations of every break-in reported to the police.

It also shows the status of the investigation at the time the data was collated. The figures include both domestic homes and commercial premises.

Mancroft, which comprises much of the city centre and a number of housing estates, saw some of the highest density of burglaries in a single local authority ward in Norfolk.

Mile Cross, Heigham, New Catton and Heartsease also saw concentrations of burglaries reported to police. 

More people being at home during Covid has resulted in a fall in the number of overall burglaries.

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In 2020 there were 748 burglaries reported to police in Norwich, 114 fewer burglaries compared to the 2015-19 five-year average, the figures show.

Even fewer households suffered the trauma of being burgled in the first 10 months of 2021.

The lowest monthly total of 30 was in July, less than half of the pre-Covid five-year average.

Norfolk assistant chief constable Nick Davison said: “In 2020 we saw some significant reductions in those crimes which matter most to our communities. This included residential and business burglary, theft, and criminal damage.

Assistant chief constable Nick Davison. Photo: Norfolk Constabulary

Assistant chief constable Nick Davison. Photo: Norfolk Constabulary - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

“It isn't surprising to see this trend of burglary reduction, given the conditions we were living under in that 12-month period, with people spending a significant amount of time at home.”

The latest data, not included on our map, shows in November 2021 there were 25 burglaries in Norwich East, which includes the city centre and Thorpe Hamlet.

Norwich West, including parts of Bowthorpe, Hellesdon and Earlham, saw 13 reported break-ins; 15 in Norwich North, covering Mile Cross, New Catton and Heartsease; and seven in Norwich South, including Eaton, Lakenham and the Golden Triangle.


Out of 100 Norfolk burglary investigations just six lead to someone being charged, figures have shown. - Credit: PA

The data shows just six out of every 100 burglaries in Norfolk led to someone being charged or summonsed.

Police ended 1,033 out of 1,483 break-in investigations across the county without success in the year ending March 2021.