Norwich boxer Herbie Hide’s Bawburgh home is among those hit in shotgun attacks

The home of former world heavyweight boxing champion Herbie Hide is one of a number to have been damaged by a shotgun wielding yob.

The Norwich boxer, who lives at Long Lane, Bawburgh, returned from a trip to Las Vegas to discover a gate and lights at his home had been shot at.

Police have today revealed the damage caused to Mr Hide's home is one of a number of similar incidents in the area over the past two weeks which are being investigated by officers.

Mr Hide said: 'Someone blasted a shotgun. I called the police and told them a shotgun had been blasted outside my gate. Going and taking a shotgun and shooting a gate – I can't understand it.'

He initially got a call about the incident from his wife while he was away, but only discovered the nature of the damage when he returned from his trip abroad.

Mr Hide, a two-time WBO world heavyweight champion who is currently a cruiserweight boxer, said: 'My wife and kids were there. She called me and told me what happened. I wasn't sure what was going on.'

The 40-year-old, who believes CCTV at his property might have picked up the person responsible, said he was told by police that they were aware of other similar incidents of damage to property in the area.

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Mr Hide, who revealed he would 'love to fight again' but is troubled by a bad back, said: 'I can't understand why anyone would go around with a shotgun – it's a risk that's not worth taking.'

The damage to Mr Hide's property happened some time between 10.30am on Tuesday, November 15 and 9.30am on Wednesday, December 14.

A spokesman for Norfolk police said in the past two weeks they have also received reports of two signs being damaged in Bawburgh and a commercial premises being damaged in Costessey.

He said: 'Whilst it is believed the damage was caused by a shotgun in all these incidents, no threats have been made to any individuals and it is believed to be mindless damage.'

Anyone with information about the incidents should call Norfolk police on 101.

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