Calls for anti-spiking training to be mandatory amid crackdown on crime

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The East of England has been earmarked as a potential spiking hotspot - Credit: PA

The drink spiking situation in Norfolk - and the city of Norwich - has been highlighted in new data.

Researchers from Get Licensed looked into the number of spiking incidents reported to police forces nationwide in 2020 and found Norfolk ranked 18th with 18 spikings reported that year. 

This is out of 32 counties. 

However the data for 2020 does not include incidents reported more recently - which saw an uptick last year. 

Many bars across Norfolk, including Voodoo Daddy's Showroom in Norwich's Timberhill, are now part of the Ask for Angela initiative where if people feel unsafe, vulnerable or threatened they can discreetly seek help by asking a member of staff for ‘Angela'.

Lorna Street was spiked in Norwich when she was 18, and has since become an ambassador for Stamp Out Spiking.

Lorna Street at the Stamp Out Spiking event at Voodoo Daddy's Showroom in Timberhill, Norwich on January 13

Lorna Street at the Stamp Out Spiking event at Voodoo Daddy's Showroom in Timberhill, Norwich on January 13 - Credit: Oliver Hosier

She said the research shows more needs to be done to educate venues, staff and the public alike to be more aware of the crime.

She added: "This data has shocked me. 

"It just proves that it's not necessarily about the size or how populous these places are, it shows that the education is lacking.

"It proves that we need to change and improve."

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She added: "Venues should physically have to have spiking awareness training to be able to open. Like a first aid course.

"We have resources at Stamp Out Spiking which do exactly that.

"It's so sad that we, the victims and those affected, have to be the ones to change, but that's the only way we can improve things and help prevent it."

Shahzad Ali, chief executive of training provider Get Licensed, said: “While the rise in drink spiking is worrying, many of us still want to be able to go out and enjoy what our local nightlife has to offer.

"If you think you or someone else may have been spiked immediately inform the bar manager, bouncer or a member of staff. Make sure the person who has been spiked is never left alone and call an ambulance if their condition deteriorates at all."