Norfolk police issue statement over cautions for sexual offences

Police Officers. Picture: Ian Burt

Police Officers. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

Norfolk police have issued a statement clarifying the use of cautions in dealing with offenders who have committed sexual offences.

The Norwich Evening News previously reported how Peter Jacobs, who retired as Norwich's resident judge last month, spoke of his concern about using cautions after it emerged 108 sex offenders in Norfolk received cautions over a five-year period rather than face court proceedings.

A spokesman for Norfolk police said: 'Reducing incidents of sexual offences and bringing offenders to justice, in line with the wishes of the victim, are priority issues for Norfolk police.

'Each case is assessed individually and a caution may allow formal action to be taken where the victim does not support a prosecution at court.

'Those cases which are resolved with a caution make up a tiny proportion of the sexual offences recorded each year.

'We work with our partners including the Crown Prosecution Service and The Harbour Centre, Norfolk's Sexual Assault Referral Centre, to offer choices and support to victims of such offences.'

The figures obtained via a Freedom of Information request, showed there were more than 1,000 sex offenders cautioned in the east of England over the same five-year period, with some admitting rape.

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