Norfolk police chief delighted Norfolk is the safest place in the country

Norfolk's reputation as the safest place in the country has been reinforced by the release of latest Home Office figures which show crime has not only fallen, but is continuing to fall.

The figures, which show a 1pc reduction in overall crime between October 1 2010 and September 30 2011 from 43,115 to 42,697, also show a 25pc drop in anti-social behaviour with 11,000 fewer incidents from April 1 2011 to December 19 last year.

The significant drop in anti-social behaviour have been heralded by police chiefs as one of the most pleasing elements of a set of overall statistics which show Norfolk has a crime rate of 50 crimes per 1,000 population compared to a national average of 66. Out of 33 detection categories measured, Norfolk is in the top 10 highest detection rates in 26 categories.

Simon Bailey, deputy chief constable, was delighted with the figures which could be even more impressive next year with statistics since April last year showing 250 fewer burglary dwellings and 203 fewer thefts from motor vehicles.

He said: 'The force continues to do well and, whilst we will never be complacent, we are delighted that hard work and effective partnership working with local authorities and the public is paying off.

'The national average crime rate is 66 crimes per 1,000 population we have a significantly lower rate (50 per 1,000). We aim to maintain this and to continue to impact on the crimes that cause most distress and harm to people.

All categories show reductions with the exception of sexual offences which have risen by 19pc; drug offences which have risen by 11pc; burglary dwelling which have risen by 7pc and violence against the person which has risen by 3pc.

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