Norfolk man jailed for threats to kill

A former Gulf War veteran who has twice threatened to kill his partner, and once threatened another woman, was told the illness he suffered as a result of his service was 'not an excuse' for his actions, a court heard.

Richard Sharpe, 47, of Villiers View, Great Moulton, near Long Stratton, was jailed for 18 months at Norwich Crown Court after previously being convicted of threatening to kill his partner on June 3.

Recorder Christopher Morgan said he had read 'with a degree of sadness' the pre-sentence report which referred to a number of disorders suffered by Sharpe who, in 2008, had pushed a crossbow into the side of the same victim, telling her 'I'm going to put one of these into your heart'.

But Mr Morgan said his problems were an 'explanation', not an 'excuse' for his actions.

He said: 'I realise your behaviour is in part down to your mental state, but it's the third occasion you demonstrated violence while you're exerting control over your partner.'

Kevin Eastwick, prosecuting, said Sharpe, who had been a combat medic who suffered from Gulf War Syndrome, threatened his partner after an argument about Facebook at home during which he criticised her as a wife and mother. He said: 'As you're of no other use it's best I cut your throat.'

The court heard that Sharpe, who also kept hand pistols, rifles and a machete at the property he shared with his partner and her two children, was also convicted in 2000 of an assault on a previous partner. Rebecca Wastall, mitigating, said Sharpe had been 'somewhat failed' by the mental health system over the years after being deemed 'untreatable' and felt 'let down' by the system. She said he accepted the relationship was now over and wanted to move away to start a separate life.

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Following Thursday's sentencing, Mr Morgan also imposed an indefinite restraining order banning Sharpe from contacting his former partner or children.

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