No arrests made after brutal attack which left girls with 'mental scars'

Cheryl Watling's daughter in hospital following the attack in Riverside on Monday evening 

Cheryl Watling's daughter in hospital following the attack in Riverside in late November - Credit: Contributed

Two teenagers have been left with "psychological damage" after being attacked in Riverside - but their assailants are yet to be brought to justice.

Officers continue to probe the unprovoked assault which took place after the two girls left the Riverbank Chinese restaurant in Wherry Road around 7.45pm on Monday, November 22.

The teens were confronted by a gang of around eight people who allegedly accused the victims of staring at them when they were inside the restaurant - and set upon them. 

Riverbank Chinese in Riverside, Norwich. Picture: Google Streetview

Riverbank Chinese in Riverside, Norwich. Picture: Google Streetview - Credit: Google Streetview

Eyewitnesses recalled the girls pleading and screaming at the group to stop with the attack lasting approximately five minutes. 

Sprowston mum Cheryl Watling, 39, was horrified to find her 14-year-old daughter Frankey suffered a broken nose and nasty bruising.

She was taken to hospital along with her friend who was also hurt in the attack.

Mrs Watling said: "The girls have recovered physically but obviously there is a lot of mental and phycological damage from it.

"They are both quite wary about going out again but they are trying to get on with their lives." 

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Mrs Watling, who is recovering from Covid, said she has been in constant communication with the police since the incident, which included officers visiting her home for detailed accounts of what happened.

There have been no arrests at this stage.

But the mother claims she was told the police have identified the location of where the suspected family lives in what was described as a "well-known area of the city" for cops. 

A spokeswoman for Norfolk Police said: "There is no update. Enquiries are ongoing." 

The group who approached the girls were not known to them and included both adults and children, some believed to be as young as seven. 

Cheryl Watling's 14-year-old daughter in hospital after she was attacked when leaving the Riverside Chinese restaurant

Frankey Watling in hospital after the Riverside attack - Credit: Contributed

It was alleged that the adults pinned the girls' hands behind their backs and pushed them to the floor, while encouraging the children to hit and kick them.

Many people walked past the incident with some believing the adults involved were in fact security guards trying to break up a fight.

Both girls had to have neck x-rays at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and spent the day receiving medical attention.