Mum has foot run over in incident with foul-mouthed driver

Mum of two has her foot run over in Newmarket road

A mum of two has had her foot run over by a driver in Newmarket Road. - Credit: Google Maps

A mum of two was left shocked and in unbearable pain after a driver ran over her foot and then hurled abuse at her. 

Sophia Cordelia, 34, was walking her two children home from school along Newmarket Road on January 24 at around 3.45pm when the incident happened. 

She said: "My children and I had come off the bus and were walking the return journey from school - we walk it every day.

"The road is a nightmare to cross anyway but we waited for the lights to turn red and for the cars to stop."

After waiting for the traffic to be stationary Sophia and her son, seven, and daughter, five, began to cross.

The city centre mum added: "Then out of nowhere I heard a horn beep and a car came hurtling towards us.

"Thankfully I was slightly in front of my kids so they were unharmed but the car did run over my foot."

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Sophia added her foot is "very painful and bruised" but she doesn't believe it's broken.

She said: "I'm considering going to the hospital to get it checked."

However before the family had a moment to catch their breaths the situation escalated further. 

Sophia continued: "First of all I wanted to get my kids across the road and all I'm thinking is that I need to get back to the house.

"I was in shock. I just kept thinking it could have been so much worse if the driver hit one of my kids.

"But then the car was starting to follow us."

At this point the driver of the vehicle pulled up beside Sophia, rolled down the window down and began shouting at her.

She said: "The driver was slowing the traffic behind and was shouting abuse at me.

"I was starting to panic and get really nervous at this point."

Sophia has not yet reported the incident to the police as she was unable to get the registration of the vehicle or details of the driver. 

She added: "My children were really frightened.

"It makes me nervous to walk down that road again in general and if I do, I'll try and exercise more caution."