Moped racket keeps 'exhausted' homeowners up at night

Mopeds have been causing a racket in the Thorpe St Andrew and Dussindale area. Pictured inset is councillor Ian Mackie 

Mopeds have been causing a racket in the Thorpe St Andrew and Dussindale area. Pictured inset is councillor Ian Mackie - Credit: Archant

Families have been rudely awakened by the sounds of boy racers revving up during the early hours of the morning. 

Thorpe St Andrew Town Council has been in contact with policing teams about the ongoing issue of mopeds making a noise near the Broadland Business Park. 

It is understood the authority is proactively supporting the police to ensure officers can be sent to directly speak to riders responsible.

People living in Pound Lane, Oak Lane, Furze Road, Yarmouth Road and St Williams Way were among those to be woken up around 3am on Saturday morning as the sounds of revving left people feeling exhausted the next day. 

County councillor Ian Mackie (Cons), who represents the area, said: "Thorpe St Andrew is a quiet area and anti-social behaviour like this is particularly noticeable. 

"It's unacceptable for locals to have to endure this and I hope they report it to Broadland Police and the safer neighbourhood team who are very responsive in taking swift action to try and reduce anti-social behaviour." 

County councillor Ian Mackie

County councillor Ian Mackie - Credit: Contributed

The councillor said a pattern has emerged in which the lighter evenings tend to bring more noise from mopeds buzzing around the town late at night.

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A spokesman for Thorpe St Andrew Town Council said: "The police are quite proactive in sending officers down to speak to riders.

"Those who are witnessing anti-social behaviour up in the business park should call 101 and report it while it is happening to police. 

"This will then develop a pattern of issues happening which can aid intelligence-led work which is a greater priority for the road safety team." 

In 2016 Broadland District Council began exploring the possibility of creating a new rail stop near

There have been ongoing issues with anti-social behaviour caused by mopeds near the Broadland Business Park - Credit: Mike Page

One homeowner living in Pound Lane, who did not wish to be identified, said her husband was due to start work early on Saturday morning but had his sleeping pattern disturbed by the mopeds waking up their child. 

Another man living in Pound Lane was due to have a hospital appointment at 6am which he turned up for feeling "exhausted" after the noise a few hours before.

Others have attempted to find the number plate of the mopeds responsible so they can be reported.