Man who had to be dragged from Wymondham pub by police after being abusive apologises to landlord

A man who clung onto a bar support and had to be dragged out of the pub by police when he refused to leave after becoming aggressive has phoned the landlord to apologise, a court has heard.

Stuart Bradstreet, 43, appeared at Norwich Magistrates Court yesterday where he pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in a public place at the Green Dragon pub in Wymondham on January 22.

Phil Charnley, prosecuting, said the pub's landlord saw the defendant, who he did not recognise, at about 10pm 'getting rowdy, shouting and swearing'.

Mr Charnley said: 'He was asked about two to three times to stop swearing and calm down, which he did for about five minutes.'

But Bradstreet, of Melton Close, Wymondham, became aggressive again when he was refused a drink after last orders had been called.

Mr Charnley said the landlord had to call the police 'to remove him from the pub' but he refused to leave even after the police came and 'clung onto a bar support, stopping them taking him away'.

A number of people in the pub at the time left as a result of Bradstreet's behaviour.

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When he was eventually removed by officers he was abusive to them and arrested before being taken to the police station.

Bradstreet, who represented himself in court yesterday, said he wanted to 'apologise' for his behaviour which he admitted was 'out of order'.

He said: 'I don't drink regularly or anything – it was the first time I had been out in a while and I obviously ended up having one too many.

'I can't excuse my behaviour. When I was asked to leave the pub I can remember the landlord asking me to keep it quiet a couple of times, and don't remember too much after that.

I've rung the landlord to apologise to him and he accepted my apology, and also to the other people who were in there at the time. I think if I was in the landlord's shoes I'd probably have done the same thing. All I can do is apologise for my behaviour.'

He was fined �60, reduced from �100 because of his plea, ordered to pay �85 prosecution costs and a �15 surcharge.