Man urinated through letterbox of Norwich house

Under the flyover on Magdalen Street.Byline: Sonya DuncanCopyright: Archant 2018

A man urinated through the letterbox of a home in Magdalen Street, Norwich, on Tuesday. - Credit: Sonya Duncan

A man urinated through someone's letterbox in Norwich – and proceeded to hurl abuse at the person who lived there when confronted.

Police were called to Magdalen Street after 3pm on Tuesday, May 18, shortly after the incident occurred.

"Officers spoke to the victim and their neighbours," a spokesperson for the force said.

They added: "No further offences of a similar nature in the same street were reported."

The victim spoke on Facebook in the aftermath of the incident to warn others.

They posted: "He has just urinated in our and our neighbours' letterboxes and then shouted abuse at us when we asked him not to do that!

"The police have been informed, please pass the information on."