Masked raiders target city newsagent shop

Hannants Convenience Store in Magdalen Street 

Hannants Convenience Store in Magdalen Street - Credit: Ben Hardy

Masked robbers raided a city shop in broad daylight leaving workers and shoppers shaken.

Three men entered the Hannants Convenience Store in Magdalen Street on Monday around 6.45pm. 

The men were aggressive towards the worker - who was unharmed - and pushed over a vape display after being refused permission to look at a vape.

Greg McLeod, who works at the shop, said there are various security measures such as a panic button and multiple cameras. 

He said his colleague is OK but it has raised concerns over staff safety. 

"When something like that happens it does get your adrenaline up and you are a little bit shaken up for the rest of the shift," he said. 

"When there is a group of people and it is only yourself or one other person, it can be intimidating. 

"I have personally never had anything physical but I have seen blatant shoplifters who just take things in front of you and challenge you by saying 'what are you going to do about it?'"

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A spokeswoman for Norfolk Police said officers are investigating.

Aimie Duckett, 27, was stopping off at the shop on the way home from work when the men entered the shop. 

She said: "I walked in to the shop at the same time as some boys with their faces covered up, all wearing navy and grey tracksuits and tall. One had a loose fitting silver watch on his left wrist.

"They started shouting at the man behind the shop counter and antagonising him to give them items." 

The terrified customer hid in the back of the shop and heard the men "hurling abuse" at the shop worker. 

One of the men allegedly grabbed the worker by the chest after he showed them a photo of a previous man who had been banned.

Miss Duckett added: "The shop owner tried to chase them but came back soon after shocked and scared.

"He had a cut on his finger and had taken a couple of hits. Mostly he was very dazed afterwards, and not injured too badly.

"I totally didn’t expect that to happen at rush hour and in Norwich. It’s a huge shame."