Crime hit street gives woman 'nightmares'

Lefroy Road in Mile Cross, Norwich

Lefroy Road in Mile Cross, Norwich - Credit: Google

A city woman living in sheltered housing is suffering from "nightmares" due to a spate of crime on her road.

And now another incident on Lefroy Road has struck fear into those who live there.

Police were called to a property and arrested three people on suspicion of holding someone hostage. 

Two women who live in Silver Beech Court, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the area has really changed since they moved in.

"It's horrible. I don't want to live here anymore," one said.

"I've had nightmares about it. Loads of us have had solar lights stolen. We had lots in our front gardens and they've all been pinched. It makes us not want to do our gardens anymore."

"We also had a spate of someone trying people's doors and someone's car got broken into," the other added.

"I'm having to keep a log about everything that happens and I shouldn't have to.

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"I used to love living here. I've been here six years and it's just got worse. It didn't use to be like this."

Lefroy Road has seen multiple incidents this year, including a man dying in his home and a stabbing, which have resulted in a heavy police presence.

But Theresa McGregor, 69, of Silver Birch Court, insisted the majority of people living in the area are good folk. 

"I know there's a lot going on but it's probably like that on most estates," Ms McGregor said.

"Most people I encounter are lovely.

"Although, when there are housing places available there are no applications. Areas like this get a reputation.

"I have even had the bushes on my path removed because I felt so isolated.

"Though maybe being tucked away is good because I never see anything, I just hear about it after.

Hannah, 26, heard emergency services from her home in Bowers Avenue. She said: "My dog's ears went up and then I saw them bombing past.

"I've been here five years and it's got a lot worse. It used to be really quiet.

"I have had someone knocking on my door before looking for someone. When they heard my dog they left. I'm lucky, he makes me feel so much safer."