County lines drug dealer ordered to pay back £6,402 despite court absence

jamal goole

Jamal Goole was jailed for four years for his part in a class A drugs conspiracy. - Credit: Norfolk Police

A dealer responsible for managing a county line supplying crack cocaine and heroin in Norwich has been ordered to pay back £6,402 - despite him not attending court. 

Jamal Goole, 24, from London, was sentenced to four years in prison in May, this year,  for his part in a Class A drugs conspiracy.

Goole was due back in court on Wednesday for a hearing to claw back cash from the drugs operation but Norwich Crown Court heard that Goole did not want to attend the hearing, so it still went ahead in his absence.

John Morgans, prosecuting, said the figure had been agreed by both sides beforehand despite Goole declining to appear over a link for the hearing.

Mr Morgans said: "His absence is no bar from dealing with the case."

He said the cash was already being held by Norfolk police as it was seized at the time of Goole's arrest, last year.

He said the prosecution put the benefit figure for Goole at £20,281 from the drugs operation and said that there was £6,402 seized when Goole was arrested as part of a crackdown by Norfolk Police County Lines Team and the Metropolitan Police.

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Matthew Kirk, defending, said although Goole had not attended the hearing he agreed to the transfer of funds and accepted the confiscation hearing should go ahead.

Judge Maureen Bacon made the confiscation order and said Goole should serve an extra 28 days in default if the payment was not made.

At his sentencing hearing, the court heard how Goole was arrested on July 30, last year, after police executed a warrant at his address in London.

The court heard Goole was running the Jacob county line supplying crack cocaine and heroin in Norwich between February and July 2020.

A number of mobile phones were seized, along with a quantity of drugs and cash.

Analysis of mobile numbers showed Goole had sent thousands of text messages offering heroin and crack cocaine for sale in the Norwich area.

His barrister Mr Kirk had said that Goole had been recruited into the management of the Jacob line.