‘Porn addict’ Norfolk doctor who secretly filmed women struck off

Norwich doctor Vinesh Godhania has been jailed for using hidden cameras to spy on women. 

Norwich doctor Vinesh Godhania has been jailed for using hidden cameras to spy on women. - Credit: Supplied

A porn obsessed Norwich doctor who was jailed for secretly recording women having sex and taking showers has been stuck off. 

Vinesh Godhania, formerly of Marlingford Way in Easton, used a pin-hole camera to spy on housemates, colleagues and the mother of a child patient.

He hid the tiny camera in an electronic toothbrush to covertly film female housemates and visitors at an address in Essex.

The 33-year-old also covertly filmed doctors, nurses and the mother of a child patient at Basildon Hospital and a colleague at Scunthorpe.

Police who raided his home seized computer equipment and USB sticks and discovered the doctor had been storing data on hundreds of different women.

He also accessed victims' iCloud accounts and downloaded naked photos, sexual acts and intimate chats.

Evidence found that in the space of 11 months between January 2020 and
November 2020, he had also accessed pornographic and other websites featuring sexually explicit material more than 19,400 times.

The 33-year-old was jailed for two years and eight months at St Albans Crown Court in November 2021 after he pleaded guilty to seven charges of voyeurism and eight charges of unauthorised access to computer material.

He has now also been struck off the medical register following a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing on June 23.

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A panel heard his offences took place between 2012 and 2020, when Godhania was a medical student and then a fully qualified doctor

One victim impact statement, included in the panel's report, read: “When you go to hospital you are very vulnerable, you naturally trust the professionals dealing with you and certainly do not expect this violation. 

“I feel uncomfortable and unfortunately this incident will change my view of people in a position of trust and will stay with me for a long time. 

“I believe I will be more cautious and anxious in the future when dealing with people on a similar basis, especially when sharing information with others.”

Banning him from practising as a doctor, the tribunal panel said he had “abused his position of trust” and that his actions were “pre-planned, deliberate and sophisticated and went on for many years”.

Its report states: “He was willing to disregard his professional obligations and even use his professional position as an opportunity to expand his offending behaviour by accessing medical records inappropriately and using the hospital environment to undertake some of his offending behaviour. 

“The tribunal considered that in this case, the aggravating factors significantly outweighed any mitigation.”