Police investigate reports of hooded man following women in Norwich

Police have asked anyone who has information to come forward. 

Police have asked anyone who has information to come forward. - Credit: Google Maps

Police are investigating after reports of a man in a hooded top following women and young people in Norwich. 

The reports are all of a man in all black, with a hooded top and covid facemask, in the NR5 area. 

Kayleigh Baker said her 12-year-old daughter was followed home on the evening of Thursday, February 10 at around 5pm in the NR5 area of Cadge Road, Motum Road and Larkman Lane. 

Miss Baker said as a mother she was left feeling upset and saddened by what had happened to her daughter.  

She said: “I don’t know why people think it is okay to scare people in that way, I just don’t understand what it is they get out of it.” 

Kayleigh’s daughter was so shaken up and said: “When I got home, my legs had gone to jelly.” 

People have commented on a Facebook post made by Miss Baker,  saying that they too have been followed or chased by a man of the same description.  

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A woman, from Knowland Grove, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she was followed one night at around 8pm, just over two weeks ago.

She said: “I was on Larkman Lane, there was a large skip outside, and a man all in black, with a hood up was leaning up against it, as I walked past, he stood up and started following me.” 

Usually on her way home the 27-year-old cuts through an alley, but worried she was being followed, she continued into the main road of Knowland Grove.  

“I crossed the road, and he crossed with me, this was when I started to really worry, so I crossed back to the original side of the road. 

“And once again, he crossed over, I knew now that he was definitely following me so I started to speed up. 

“I pretended I lived at Britannia Court as I was too afraid to walk to my own front door, he just stopped and watched me walk around the corner.” 

She said it was confusing, because if he wanted to attack her, he had every opportunity, but he was just intimidating with seemingly no intentions.  

Police have confirmed they received a report from Miss Baker and have said anyone with any information should contact Sgt Parnell at Earlham Police Station on 101 quoting crime reference 36/10742/22 .