Honours for selfless victim support workers in Norwich

Victim and witness support volunteers with more than 420 years of service between them have been honoured at a glittering ceremony.

Judge Peter Jacobs, above, presented awards at the ceremony hosted by the charity Victim Support in Norfolk, held at the Silver Rooms on Silver Road.

In total, 48 will receive certificates, different colour lapel badges denoting the length of service, and flowers.

All have served more than five years, providing vital support to victims and witnesses appearing in court, and to those affected by crime.

Judge Jacobs gave a speech, reflecting how different things once were.

He told of the time he went to court as a witness and how he would have liked someone there for support.

Among the long serving were 90-year-old Vera Youngman, from Beighton, near Acle, who has worked with victims and witnesses for more than 30 years.

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She remembered the early days of volunteering in Dereham in 1981.

'I belonged to Dereham Business and Professional Women's group, and they took people from all walks of life. We had a meeting to see if it was worthwhile and so on, and we took off from May 1.

'It gives you satisfaction and opens your eyes. I learnt a lot. I didn't think there were such cruel people around. I was hooked on helping people. I have enjoyed my 30 years.'

Victim Support is a national charity which provides help to victims and witnesses of crime and speaks out and campaigns on their behalf.

Last year in Norfolk they supported 9,000 victims of crime and 4,500 witnesses.

To find out more, visit www.victimsupport.org.uk, or ring Kate Biles on 01603 756859 or Helen Frayer on 01603 756353