Graffiti scourge reaches way beyond Norwich city centre

Dozens of volunteers have already joined forces with police as the war on graffiti in Norwich goes on, but tags are not just blighting lives in the city centre.

The Evening News has launched its Graffitibusters campaign to try to stop the spread of illegal tags.

Volunteers have already helped with two clean-ups in the city – the St Faith's Lane and Pottergate areas – with a third planned in the King Street area starting from the Waterfront at 8.30am on Sunday.

But readers have been keen to highlight other parts of Norwich, outside the city centre, which have a problem with graffiti.

Police are already aware of hot-spot areas in parts of Earlham Road and Dereham Road, while Dolphin Bridge, Douro Place, and St Clements Hill have also been cited by members of the public as problem areas.

The graffiti on St Clements Hill falls outside the city centre safer neighbourhood team's (SNT) area, but Sgt Peter Sharples urged anyone living in the city to get the issue tackled by their SNT.

He said: 'If people in other areas feel graffiti is a particular problem for them they can go to their safer neighbourhood action panel meeting and push the point home.'

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He also issued a plea for more donations of paint, adding: 'We need more paint, or donations to be able to buy the right colour paint.'