Gold stolen from two Norwich jewellery shops

Police are appealing for information after gold was stolen from two Norwich jewellers'.

The first took place on Thursday, October 6 at a jewellers' in St Stephen's Street at about 5.05pm.

Two men came into the store and asked to look at two gold bracelets. After looking at them the shop assistant turned to put tags into a bin when she turned back to the counter she noticed the jewellery box that contained one of the items, an eight inch nine carat bracelet, was closed. She thought nothing of it, but after the pair had left she went to put the bracelet away but found it missing from the box.

In a second incident at a jewellery's on St Giles Street on Friday, October 7 at about 2.50pm two men entered the store saying they wanted to look at two items of gold jewellery. The pair started to haggle on the price and wanted the box changed that they were to put the jewellery in. The shop assistant saw the box for one of the gold necklaces, an 18 inch nine carat gold necklace, was closed. The men said they were going to get more money and left towards Guildhall. After they had gone the shop assistant realised the gold necklace was missing.

The incidents that are thought to be linked.

Anyone who saw the incident or has knowledge of the theft should contact PC Hollie Fisher at City Centre SNT on 0845 4564567 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.