'It's heartbreaking' - Another charity dinosaur vandalised in city centre

The dinosaur is removed for repairs.

The dinosaur is removed for repairs in Norwich city centre this afternoon. - Credit: Dan Grimmer

Another one of the GoGoDiscover charity dinosaurs has been damaged by vandals in Norwich city centre.

The Feline-osaur is the second sculpture in a week to be found with damage to its back, head, leg and arm, and it has now been removed from the trail, with the Break charity which is running the event footing the repair costs.

Now, the charity is asking trail-goers to help it protect the dinosaurs by reporting any damaged sculptures or passing on any useful information to the ongoing police investigation.

Break are also asking for help to cover the repair costs, while a police investigation is ongoing.

The Feline-osaur which was damaged.

The Feline-osaur which was damaged. - Credit: Break

Project manager, Peter Marron, said the damage could be "extremely costly to the charity" and those it helps.

He said: "It is really disappointing to see another T-Rex be deliberately damaged.

"For this to be second dinosaur we’ve had to take away to repair in a week is very upsetting and is not something we’ve experienced on past trails in the city.

"The sculptures help Break to raise valuable funds to make life better for children and young people who are on the edge of care, in care and leaving care, and we would ask people to treat them with respect as repairing the damage can be extremely costly to the charity."

The charity now hopes to have the sculpture back in the streets within days, but that hasn't stopped artist Ella Goodwin, who designed the friendly furry feline, describing the vandalism as "heart-breaking".

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She said: "To see Feline-osaur so mindlessly vandalised in this way is heart-breaking.

"It was such a pleasure to have had the opportunity to create something for this wonderful charity and be part of a unique trail that brings such joy to the families who visit.

"I look forward to seeing both dinosaurs back out on the trail soon."

A damage hotline on 01603 670460 has been set up for the public to call if they see any damage or vandalism taking place.

To help raise funds people can donate direct through the charity website or join their ‘Take on the Trail’ fundraiser and get sponsored to trek all 55 city sculptures in one day, or run the five-mile dinosaur Strava art. 

Anyone with information can report it to the police to help with their investigation via 101.