Dad jailed for assaults on girlfriend which saw baby taken away

Gary Bowgen, of Clifton Road, has been jailed for seven years and six months.

Gary Bowgen, of Clifton Road, has been jailed for seven years and six months. - Credit: Norfolk police

A man in his 30s has been jailed after subjecting his girlfriend to a string of "horrific" attacks which resulted with their newborn baby being taken away from them and put into care.

Gary Bowgen, 34, of Clifton Road, Lowestoft, was sentenced to seven years and six months on Tuesday, April 5, after pleading guilty to putting the victim in fear of violence by harassment between January 2021 and August 2021.

Bowgen and the victim had been in a relationship for two years and within weeks of moving into the victim's Norwich home, he became physically and verbally abusive.

The incidents included Bowgen slapping, strangling and dragging the victim down the street.

Bowgen's two-day old baby was placed under a Police Protection Order due to the risk imposed on the baby from Bowgen's behaviour.

The baby was removed from her mother's care and placed with a foster family.

The victim was subsequently subjected to a court imposed Care Order where she could not leave the house with her children unless she had a family member present as an escort due to the danger of Bowgen's behaviour and actions.

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PC Sarah Royall said: ”The horrific series of domestic abuse incidents Bowgen has subjected his victim to has had a profound impact on both her and her family’s everyday life.

"This caused her to have to move with her children, not be able to go out of her own home and resulted in her young baby being taken away for fear of his violence.

"This sentence should be a message to those who carry out such abhorrent acts that they will not be tolerated.”

This includes a seven-year extended sentence consisting of four years and six months minimum to be spent in custody with an extended licence period of three years.

He has also been sentenced to 27 months to be served concurrently for assault occasioning bodily harm on February 17, 2021. A further count of damaging property on the same date had no separate penalty.

Bowgen, who had previously pleaded not guilty to all counts, will also be subject to a restraining order indefinitely and has been ordered to pay £190.