Gang members sentenced to more than 20 years for city knife attack

Aylmer Tower. Photo: Archant

Four teens have been sentenced for their part in a stabbing near to Aylmer Tower, Mile Cross.

Gang members will spend more than 20 years in custody over a city knife attack which saw a teen stabbed in revenge for videos posted on YouTube.

The victim had been chased and set upon close to Aylmer Tower on Lefroy Road, Mile Cross, by a group while walking his dog.


Four teens have been sentenced for their part in a stabbing near to Aylmer Tower, Mile Cross. - Credit: Liz Reynolds

Norwich Crown Court heard the teenage boy suffered a punctured lung as well as wounds to his arm and thigh after being stabbed with a knife during the attack.

John Farmer, prosecuting, said the attack was part of "gang warfare" involving two rival groups.

He said the victim had posted three videos on YouTube which were critical of and abusive towards the other gang.

Mr Farmer said the pursuit had been "like a pack of dogs pursuing an animal with the intent to beat him up".

He said there was a clear indication it was a "revenge attack linked to YouTube videos".

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The court was shown mobile phone footage captured by neighbours that showed the victim being kicked and stamped on until a woman intervened.

Mr Farmer said Solomon Oguidi had been carrying an axe when the attack occurred but that this weapon had not caused the stab wounds which are believed to have been the result of a small pointed blade.  

Aylmer Tower, Lefroy road where a woman fell to her death last night(MON).Photo: Paul HewittCopy

Four teens have been sentenced for their part in a stabbing near to Aylmer Tower, Mile Cross. - Credit: Paul Hewitt

Allan Moss, 19, of Woodside Road, Norwich; Oguidi, 18, of Bowers Avenue, Norwich, and two teens, aged 16 and 17, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have previously admitted wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

Allan Moss

Allan Moss - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Judge Alice Robinson said this was a "revenge attack" in which the victim suffered serious injuries as a result of a joint enterprise in which he was stabbed, kicked and stamped on by members of the gang.

Judge Robinson commended the bravery of a member of the public who came to the aid of the victim which she said "spared the victim" any more serious and maybe fatal injuries.

Sentencing the gang to a total of more than 20 years in custody, Judge Robinson handed Moss a sentence of six years and nine months in a Young Offenders Institute (YOI), while Oguidi, who has also admitted having an offensive weapon, was given four years in a YOI.

The 16-year-old was given four years and nine months in a YOI while the 17-year-old was sentenced to five years and six months in a YOI.

All four were made the subject of a restraining order prohibiting them from contacting the victim for eight years.

A fifth youth has already been sentenced at Norwich Magistrates' Court for his part in the attack.

Solomon Oguidi

Solomon Oguidi - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Giles Fleming, mitigating for Moss, said his client played a "lesser role" in the incident.

He said he was not the one who had the knife and "only got involved in the violence towards the end".

Jonathan Goodman, mitigating for a 17-year-old said his client accepted he had wanted the complainant to receive "really serious harm" at the hands of one of the group he joined in the chase with.

But Mr Goodman said his client insists he had not inflicted serious injury himself.

Ian James, mitigating for a 16-year-old, who was 15 at the time of the incident, said there was a "lack of seniority" in the case of his client.

Mr James said a letter his client had written showed "some insight by him into the harm he's done".

John Morgans, mitigating for Oguidi, previously said his client had "absolute genuine remorse" for his involvement in the attack and was "thoroughly ashamed". 

Speaking after the case, Detective Inspector Alix Wright, said: “It’s shocking that a group of young people in our own county can act so violently and display such a lack of regard for someone’s life

"With the serious injuries caused to the victim in this case, he could easily have died."