Former UEA student accused of rape of woman at party

University of East Anglia campus, Norwich. Photo: Mike Page.

Former UEA student Joachim Greene has gone on trial accused of rape at a party at the campus in Norwich. - Credit: Archant

A former Norwich university student has gone on trial accused of raping a woman at a party.

Joachim Greene, 21, had been at a party at the University of East Anglia (UEA) when the complainant, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was said to have been raped and sexually assaulted.

Norwich Crown Court heard a number of people had been at a party at the UEA campus in January 2019 shortly after the beginning of the term.

Will Carter, opening the prosecution case on Monday (September 13), said Greene started chatting to the complainant who he did not know.

Mr Carter said: “After talking to her for a while Mr Greene told her that he needed to use the toilet”.

He said the defendant, who had called himself a different name, went with the complainant to a room where he used the toilet before “trying to chat her up”.

Mr Carter said: “She wasn’t interested but he seemed undeterred by that.”

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He sat next to her and despite her trying to move away he “tried to kiss her”.

Greene had started to pull her bra down but Mr Carter said she “told him to stop” as “she just didn’t want to be touched by someone she didn’t know”.

The court heard Greene locked the door and “got bolder” and started to undo her jeans.

She “told him to stop” and that she “wasn’t interested” and tried to push him away but he raped her orally, the court heard.

The court heard the woman had thought if she did what he said “it would stop” and he would go away.

When Greene, who had a girlfriend, got up, Mr Carter said the defendant said to the complainant “none of this happened, pinky promise”.

He said the complainant was distraught and told a friend what happened before speaking to her mother and contacting police. 

Greene, of Campion Way, Sheringham, has gone on trial having denied rape on January 19, 2019.

He also pleaded not guilty to an offence of assault by penetration and another of sexual assault on the same date.

The trial continues.

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