Former Norfolk detective who lives in Costessey, near Norwich, hopes reprinting of book will help solve April Fabb mystery

A former Norfolk detective from Costessey hopes the reprinting of a book about the disappearance of a 13-year-old girl more than 40 years ago will help solve one of Norfolk's most enduring mysteries.

The case of April Fabb, who vanished without trace in 1969, has been described as Norfolk's Mary Celeste by former detective Maurice Morson who inherited the investigation in the 1980s when it was 14 years old.

Mr Morson, a former head of Norfolk CID, retired from the force in 1987, but was so moved by the case, he set about writing a book –The Lost Years: The Story of April Fabb – which was first published in 1995 and sold out in a matter of weeks.

The purpose of the book was to aid the police investigation and provide a permanent memorial to April at the main door of St Andrew's Church at Metton, a church she regularly visited opposite her family home.

A new and updated edition was published in 2007 with the proceeds going towards a trophy at her school although further requests to reprint have been resisted until now.

With the support of the Fabb family and Norfolk's chief constable, Phil Gormley, who has provided a new foreword, the book has been reprinted with a 2012 preface with the proceeds going towards the restoration of the church at Metton.

Mr Morson, 76, said he hoped the revised edition would not only raise funds for the church in Metton but also keep it firmly at the forefront of the public's minds.

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He said: 'It's the Mary Celeste of Norfolk – an enduring mystery. It's a case which has never been put to bed. It's an inquiry which has never gone to sleep. There's always something which comes to the fore and on occasions such as this there will be someone getting in touch with the police.'

The 2012 book is priced at �10 with �1.50 post and packing and can be ordered through 01603 744226, email