'Dude, where's my car?!' City girl's new Fiesta vanishes

A Ford Fiesta is believed to have been stolen from Whiffler Road recently 

A Ford Fiesta is believed to have been stolen in Norwich - Credit: Contributed

A 20-year-old city woman is in shock after her first car mysteriously disappeared from a garage. 

Tanisha Sutton, who lives in George Pope Road, Hellesdon, believes her second-hand Ford Fiesta was stolen from a garage in Norwich. 

The suspected theft has been reported to Norfolk Police after the family was told the car had been taken sometime between Saturday, November 27 and the morning of Monday, November 29. 

Tanisha's sister Shanice said: "She has the spare key and the car was left in first gear so it would not have gone very easily. 

Shanice Sutton

Shanice Sutton - Credit: Contributed

"We know all the mechanics at the garage and my other sister's boyfriend was repairing the car. None of them knows about what could have happened to it. 

"It seems like it has disappeared into thin air." 

The Ford Fiesta which has gone missing in the Norwich area 

The Ford Fiesta which has gone missing in the Norwich area - Credit: Contributed

The 2009 Ford Fiesta, which cost just under £2,000, was having repair work done on it with garage staff realising it had gone missing on Tuesday, November 30.

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It had only been purchased in September and the garage had been closed all day on the Sunday before it vanished.

No CCTV footage has been recovered of the suspect theft with plenty of people getting in touch with the Sutton family saying they would keep an eye out for the registration number.

But nothing has come to light, causing dismay for Tanisha, who has recently had a baby.

Speaking about her sister, Shanice added: "She is really gutted as she has got her driving test next month and wanted to get straight on the road.

"She is hoping to pass her test still but this has been a big blow for her.

"We are looking to see if any of the surrounding shops have CCTV footage covering the area. Other than that we do not have a lot to go on unfortunately."

Tanisha's dad posted about the theft on social media pleading for people to keep an eye out for the silver motor. 

The father also suggested the Fiesta can be popular among banger racers. 

Norfolk Police has been contacted.