Football match bans revoked by magistrates

Two men can attend football matches again after their banning orders were revoked by Norwich magistrates yesterday.

John Miller, 40, of Three Mile Lane, New Costessey, and Graham Riches, 38, of Highland Road, off Colman Road, Norwich, both applied to the court to terminate their banning orders a year before their expiration date, and both were revoked.

Three-year banning orders on both men had been made by the court on December 23, 2010, following an incident on Foundry bridge, near the rail station, before the Norwich versus Leeds League One game on March 27, 2010.

Mr Miller and Mr Riches had also been fined �500 and ordered to pay �250 each in costs. The orders banned them from attending football matches at home or abroad.

Altogether, nine men had been banned from football matches for three years and fined, following the incident.

The court heard yesterday that the police had no objections to the orders being revoked, and that both men had adhered to the rules relating to the orders, including surrendering passports and reporting to police stations.

Mr Riches said in court: 'I have done everything asked of me by the courts, and I feel I have learned my lesson. I would like to be able to go back to watching matches.'

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Mr Miller added that he had 'definitely' learned his lesson.