Children terrified as eggs lobbed at windows

Eggs were thrown at homes in Scott Close in the Manor Park estate during the Halloween weekend 

Eggs were thrown at homes in Scott Close in the Manor Park estate during the Halloween weekend - Credit: Ben Hardy

A new housing estate blighted by bizarre corn on the cob attacks has now been targeted with rotten eggs. 

One affected mother has spoken about her child being left frightened after foul-stinking eggs were lobbed at her house on Saturday evening.

People living in the Manor Park housing estate in Sprowston have been disrupted by groups of teenagers repeatedly hurling food in recent months.

And this trend continued as the Halloween weekend brought further unwelcome disturbance to families. 

One mother, who lives in Scott Close in the estate and who did not wish to be named, said she had to contact a cleaner to remove the egg slime from her window. 

"I’ve had a few incidents happen to me living here now," she said.

"We were having such a lovely evening when someone suddenly threw eggs at my living room window and scared my child. It made her jump." 

Egg throwing was also reported in Nuthatch Road in the estate over the weekend with cars being splattered as well as homes.

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One Scott Close woman, who did not wish to be named, said she had not had any eggs thrown at her home but claims the estate has been plagued with anti-social behaviour. 

The remnants of a corn on the cob which was thrown at a front door of a property in Mallard Way 

Corn on the cobs have been thrown at windows in the Manor Park estate in recent months - Credit: Ben Hardy

Sprowston mayor and county councillor John Ward said: "I did speak to our local beat constable and they are looking into it. I can't really do any more than that.

"There are more youngsters up there walking around the estate. Just before Halloween, there were a lot of houses decorated up there so it is possibly related to that." 

John Ward, Conservative councillor for Sprowston. Pic: Norfolk Conservatives.

County councillor and Sprowston mayor John Ward - Credit: Norfolk Conservatives

The local Safer Neighbourhood Team has been carrying out high visibility patrols in the area in response to corn on the cobs being thrown at houses in the estate.

Youngsters have been grabbing the veg from the cornfield located just off Atlantic Way in the estate. 

In response, the town council has encouraged those affected to report damage and antisocial behaviour to the police on 101 unless it is an emergency which requires a 999 call.

Anyone with information should call 101 using the reference number 36/71343/21.