'Knocks your confidence' - Thugs fire rocks at windows

Markos Janes' kitchen window was smashed by yobs in Old Catton

Markos Janes' kitchen window was smashed by yobs in Old Catton - Credit: Markos Janes

Glass was shattered at a home in a quiet suburb street after yobs took pot shots at a couple's window. 

Markos Janes, 58, and his partner Lorraine, 55, were shocked to find their kitchen window was smashed in Ecton Walk, Old Catton. 

Two small holes were left in the window in addition to a further one in the pane above following the attack around 4pm on Tuesday. 

Mr Janes - who works as a train driver - heard the thuds while he was sat upstairs at the time. 

He said: "The most worrying thing is we do not know why they did it. You start questioning yourself and whether you have upset anyone.

"It knocks your confidence. We had got plans to move anyway but this is making that feeling definite." 

A quote for the damage was £155 plus VAT but the damaged window is not letting in any cold air as it is double glazed. 

The shattered window in Old Catton's Ecton Walk 

The shattered window in Old Catton's Ecton Walk - Credit: Markos Janes

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Mr Janes continued: "It's quite surprising as it is normally a quiet area and we do not have any neighbourly disputes.

"Ecton Walk is two rows of houses with trees on it which provides cover. There are a couple of alleyways where people can make a quick escape."

The homeowner is considering getting a CCTV doorbell installed in response to the damage, which Mr Janes suspects was caused by a catapult.

Mr Janes said: "I work very odd shifts as a train driver like 4am to 10am and 5pm to 2am. It's quite varied so that it was worries me.

"I could be out and Lorraine could be on her own when it happens."

Markos Janes of Ecton Walk 

Markos Janes of Ecton Walk - Credit: Markos Janes

He has reported the vandalism to Norfolk Police.

A spokeswoman said: "Police were called to reports of criminal damage to the window of a property in Ecton Road at 4.16pm on February 1. 

"An officer is due to speak with the victim." 

It comes after homes in Sprowston were pelted with corn on the cobs in the new Manor Park housing estate.

Eggs and baked beans have also been used to attack homes in parts of the city in recent months.