Child's doll stabbed multiple times leaving mum desperate to quit estate

The Annabell Doll belonging to Shonakelly Bridge's daughter which was stabbed and ripped apart 

The Annabell Doll belonging to Shona Kelly's daughter which was stabbed and ripped apart - Credit: Contributed

Drugs raids, bizarre doll attacks and all-night parties are among the issues which are making an estate "living hell" for a single parent and her six-year-old daughter. 

Shona Kelly, 34, of Scott Close in the Sprowston Manor Park estate, has been plagued with crime on her doorstep since moving in two years ago. 

The concerned mum recalled her daughter's doll having its clothes ripped off and being stabbed several times with a knife after she left it in a pram outside the front door.

"This has left my daughter feeling very jumpy and traumatised," Ms Kelly said.

"She once asked if 'someone is going to cut mummy's face like the dolly - and she will not sleep in her bedroom at night."

Eggs were thrown at homes in Scott Close in the Manor Park estate during the Halloween weekend 

Scott Close in the Sprowston Manor Park estate - Credit: Ben Hardy

Her daughter is now having weekly therapy at her primary school due to the anxiety caused by recent incidents in the neighbourhood which have seen homes pelted with eggs and corn on the cobs.

Ms Kelly said: "My daughter has opened up to me and said she is scared living at the address. 

"I am a single mum and want to provide a safe home for her." 

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They have also had three bikes stolen which were locked up in the garage, as well as having eggs thrown at the window over the Halloween weekend. 

Ms Kelly has been in contact with her housing association Victory Homes and Broadland District Council as she tries to find a safer location for her daughter to live without crippling fear.

Sprowston district councillor Natasha Harpley said: "Anti-social behaviour is rife and seems to be a bit of a trend at the minute. 

Natasha Harpley, Broadland District Councillor for Sprowston has launched a petition calling on Firs

Natasha Harpley, district councillor for Sprowston - Credit: Labour Party

"It must be really distressing if the child is needing to get psychological support." 

Both Ms Harpley and fellow district councillor Ian Moncur pledged to take up Ms Kelly's issue and liaise with the housing association.

Jonathan Taylor, chief executive officer of the Sapientia Education Trust, which White House Farm School in the estate is part of, said the school works with a range of external agencies to support and safeguard pupils in the estate.

Jonathan Taylor, CEO of the Sapienta Education Trust which runs Sprowston Community Academy secondary school and sixth form.

Jonathan Taylor, chief executive officer of the Sapientia Education Trust - Credit: Sapientia Education Trust

Victory Homes have been contacted for comment.

A spokeswoman for Norfolk Police said: "There have been recent reports of anti-social behaviour involving persons throwing corn on the cobs in that area and police responded to them at the time.

"In one instance the offenders were identified and given words of advice by officers.

"Patrols continued after this and officers spent Halloween monitoring behaviour across the area including Scott Close where there were no reported incidents to police on the night.

"There has been previous drug enforcement in the area previously but we have had no recent reports.

"We welcome the reporting of any crime or anti-social behaviour from any of the residents so that matters can be dealt with appropriately.”