Dangerous dog bites woman in Costessey, near Norwich

A woman was twice bitten by a rottweiler outside a bakery in Costessey and had to be taken to hospital, a court heard.

The dog, known as Stanley, was tied up outside the store in Oval Road when the woman said 'hello' to it, but it growled at her and bit her on the elbow and then on the thigh.

Melissa Renouf, 34, a single mother-of-four, from nearby Camborne Close, pleaded guilty to being the owner of a dangerously out of control dog in a public place, when she appeared at Norwich Magistrates' Court yesterday.

Prosecuting, Lisa Britton said: 'It happened at about midday on January 5. The woman turned to say 'hello' to the dog but it jumped up at her, growling, and bit her just above the elbow on her right arm.

'It then bit her on the top of her right leg.' She said a young boy then appeared from inside the bakery and admitted that he was in charge of the dog.

The victim, however, was too shaken up to remain at the scene, and drove off with her husband.

Later she discovered that there was a 3mm wound on her elbow and blood on her arm, and the dog's teeth had also broken the skin on her leg.

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She drove back with her husband to the store. They spoke to the young boy who told them that he could take them to the owner, Miss Renouf's house.

Miss Britton added that Miss Renouf was apologetic when they arrived and told the woman that her dog had not done anything like that before.

The injured woman was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital where her wounds were dressed and she was prescribed antibiotics.

For Renouf, Gavin Cowe said it was a case of 'omission' rather than anything else, as Miss Renouf had not realised that the boy, her daughter's boyfriend, had taken the dog out of the house without a lead or a muzzle.

He said: 'Every time the dog goes out it is on a lead and muzzled.

'The dog is four and they have had it since it was a puppy. This was an isolated incident. Since it happened steps have be taken to ensure that the dog cannot get out the house.'

The case was adjourned to April 1 for reports and Miss Renouf was released on condition that the dog is on a lead and muzzled every time it goes out.

District Judge Philip Browning said the dog could be destroyed, depending on reports.