Couple's horror at 'mindless vandalism' as Christmas lights torn down

Christmas lights were vandalised at this Sprowston home last Friday 

Christmas lights were vandalised at this Sprowston home last Friday - Credit: Contributed

Thoughtless thugs have ripped down festive Christmas lights at a Sprowston home - causing hundreds of pounds of damage. 

The lights cost Kirstie Humphrey and her partner Scott around £500 with the couple lovingly assembling the show for passers-by to admire. 

But when she returned home from work on Thursday she found the display in Cannerby Lane torn down.

This is the latest in a string of incidents which has blighted the area following reports of of yobs throwing corn on the cobs and eggs at windows in the Manor Park estate of the town

Miss Humphrey, 20, said: "My partner and I are so upset by the damage. We've obviously put time and money into our display and now we're worried that people are going to continue to target our lights.

"We never had any problems last year. However if this does keep happening we'll have to consider whether or not to put Christmas lights up in the future. It's a real shame because it spoils it for everyone." 

The lights on the property which were damaged were snowflake stake lights. 

But as they are linked to a series of other strings of lights droves of bulbs were dropped and smashed.

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Miss Humphrey said the lights had been ripped up as if someone had tried to take them but failed because they were connected.

"I believe I was targeted because they were within arms reach of people walking past so it was easy just to snap them and pull them up," Miss Humphrey continued. 

"It was more likely someone just having a laugh. Anti-social behaviour isn't all that common around here.

"There have been minor incidents in the past but it doesn't happen frequently," she added. 

It is understood the vandalism has not been reported to the police.

Sprowston district councillor Natasha Harpley described the vandalism episode as "opportunist and mindless nonsense". 

Natasha Harpley, Broadland District Councillor for Sprowston has launched a petition calling on Firs

Sprowston councillor Natasha Harpley - Credit: Labour Party

She believes social media fuels the trend of the recent criminal activity in the area. 

"It is a real shame in this particular case. This kind of thing can happen anywhere though," Ms Harpley added.

Ms Harpley has also called on the town council to draw up a map so people know where all the best festive lights can be seen.