Christmas drink-drive campaign starts in Norfolk

Christmas drink-drive campaign starts in Norfolk

Norfolk's Christmas drink-drive message this year is to think twice about driving the morning after the Christmas party.

The Think! Norfolk drink-drive campaign, which starts today and runs until New Year's Day, is taking a fresh approach to the annual message by warning revellers that they could still be over the legal limit the following day.

The campaign urges drivers to consider alternative forms of transport the next morning if they feel they may still be over the limit.

The message will be hit home with colourful, attention grabbing advertisements and catchy headlines such as 'Get on the Bus Gus', 'Take the Train Jane', 'Use your Feet Pete' and 'Get a Taxi Patsy', in newspapers, magazines, billboards and petrol station forecourts.

This will be supported by an extensive radio campaign aimed at capturing the attention of drivers and helping to raise awareness of the lasting effects of alcohol in a way they may not have seen before.

Iain Temperton, Think! Norfolk chairman, said: 'We are not asking people to avoid that great night out – we are just encouraging them to consider alternative transport the next morning. As Edmund King, president of the AA in 2008, said: 'if in doubt, don't take the car out'.'

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Inspector David Ball, Road Policing, Norfolk Constabulary, said that, as in previous years, officers will breathtest every motorist they stop in December.

He added: 'If you need to use your vehicle then 'none for the road' remains our only advice. Drinking and driving not only puts your life, and the lives of other road users, in danger, but will lead to criminal prosecution and a lengthy disqualification, and possibly imprisonment. Further consequences can be loss of a job, insurance premiums going through the roof and relationship break-down. Drinking and driving is just plain foolish.'

Think! Norfolk is made up of Norfolk County Council, Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service, Norfolk Constabulary, Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership, East of England Ambulance Service and the Highways Agency.

In previous year's, 5,191 people were tested with 135 positive results in 2006; in 2007 – 4,514 tested with 114 positive; in 2008 – 3,343 tested with 186 positive and 2009 – 5,152 tested with 96 positive.

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