Mum-to-be outraged after yobs vandalise 13 cars in suburb

Bowthorpe area subject to multiple acts of vandalism

Kim Freer has experienced multiple acts of vandalism in the Bowthorpe area which is causing her to consider leaving the city. - Credit: Kim Freer / Google Maps

An imminent mum-to-be has said she is considering moving house after vandals destroyed her car along with droves of others parked in a city street. 

Under the cover of darkness the thugs reportedly smashed more than 10 vehicles in Bowthorpe Road on January 22. 

The incident is thought to have happened at around 6.30am so when Kim Freer, who lives in the road, went to leave home hours later she found her wing mirror whacked off. 

Kim, who is due to give birth in three weeks, said: "This is the third time something like this has happened to me.

"I heard some sort of ruckus outside at around 6.30am so I got up and looked outside.

"I happened to notice some people walking by but honestly I didn't pay much attention.

"When I went out later I could see that my wing mirror had been hit and was falling off."

Wing mirror damaged and falling off in Bowthorpe road

Kim's wing mirror was damaged and nearly falling off - it is currently being held together with duct tape. - Credit: Kim Freer

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And the damage has meant Kim, 38, has had to pause plans to buy equipment for her newborn. 

She said: "It's going to cost me £300 to get this fixed. I had my eye on a nice monitor and pram but now I'll have to put that on hold.

"It's just a shame that people don't think twice about these things. They don't think about the consequences vandalism like this can have on other people's lives."

Even more Kim, 38, had forked out hundreds for repairs on the motor just a day before. 

She said: "I counted about 13 cars which looked like they had been targeted. In the past bus stops down the road have also been damaged."

The incident has left the professional tarot card reader shaken and thinking about moving: "The area doesn't feel safe anymore. So much vandalism has occurred. I just don't feel good about living here at the moment."

Kim Freer thinking of leaving the city after wing mirror is vandalised

The professional tarot reader is thinking about leaving the city after the latest instance of vandalism. - Credit: Kim Freer

Jon Watson, part of the Bowthorpe Neighbourhood Watch group, said: "We are aware of current antisocial behaviour being reported in parts of Bowthorpe.

"The Bowthorpe Neighbourhood Watch team is working with the police to address the issues and we hope to see some positive outcomes soon."