Bizarre theft sees care worker's bike and half a gate stolen

Care worker has bike stolen along with half their gate

Dan Oliver (inset), who is a care worker, had his bike stolen on February 5, from his home in Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich - Credit: Dan Oliver

A care worker was devastated to find his bike had been stolen from outside his home - as well as a chunk of the gate it was locked to. 

However in a strange twist of fate the items were uncovered a day later. 

Dan Oliver, who lives in Wolfe Road in Thorpe Hamlet was awoken in the dead of night by his roommate who said the ride had been nicked. 

He said: "My roommate came in at midnight from the pub and was confused because half the gate was missing.

The specialized bike which has been stolen costs around £650

The bike which has was stolen from Thorpe costs around £650 - Credit: Dan Oliver

"So he woke me up as he wondered if it was because my bike is usually locked there too."

Sure enough Dan's pride and joy, worth around £650 in total, was taken along with the gate.

Dan said: "I was absolutely gutted. It's the most precious thing I own and to know someone went to so much trouble to nick it is horrible.

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"The next morning though our neighbour came round and let us know it had been ditched outside a nearby school."

Dan found his pride and joy outside a Thorpe Hamlet school with the wheels and seat stolen

Dan found his pride and joy outside a Thorpe Hamlet school with the wheels and seat stolen - Credit: Dan Oliver

However the bike was in less than stellar condition - with Dan arriving to find both wheels and the seat missing, as well the frame being scratched.

He said: "I got really excited and ran down there but when I got there I only saw the bike frame which was still attached to the gate.

"It looks as though they've tried to take the whole thing off the gate and when they couldn't they've just taken whatever they could to sell on I guess.

"I'm not surprised - I've had bikes stolen before but it doesn't make it any less disappointing."

Thieves also took half of Dan's gate, as well as his bike.

As well as losing his beloved biked Dan also found out that the thieves had also taken half of their gate. - Credit: Dan Oliver

The 44-year-old has now lost their main mode of transport, adding: "I used it to get to work and around the city.

"I could get it fixed or replaced but I'm just worried it would get stolen again so what would be the point.

"I'll probably just get an old bike in the meantime to travel around but that's not the point - it's a shame I can't have a nice bike for fear that it'll just get stolen."

Dan confirmed that incident has been reported to the police.