WATCH: Car makes getaway after smashing into wall

Sarah Jukes, who lives in Russell Avenue, Sprowston, couldn't explain how such damage was done to her property

Sarah Jukes, who lives in Sprowston was confused as to how so much damage could have been done in a 20mph zone - Credit: Sarah Jukes

A driver who smashed into the wall of a Norwich house has left the homeowners furious after the motorist did not even stop at the scene. 

The incident happened at approximately 5.30pm on Monday (January 17) in Russell Avenue in Sprowston after a vehicle mounted a high kerb. 

But the battered wall has prompted neighbours to question how so much damage could be done to the property which sits behind high kerbs in a 20mph zone. 

The damage left behind to Sarah Jukes' home after a car smashed into the wall on her driveway in Russell Avenue, Sprowston

The damage left behind to Sarah Jukes' home - Credit: Sarah Jukes

Sarah Jukes has lived in the house she shares with partner Paul Batterham on the junction of Alford Grove since 2010.

She said she's never had an issue with traffic before, adding that she's baffled as to how her wall was obliterated.

Sarah explained: "Paul heard a loud noise but didn't think anything of it as it sounded like it was further away.

"The next thing we know our neighbour had come over and said that he'd heard the engine really revving after the loud bang and had taken a video of the car reversing and going off.

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"There could've been cars going across the junction or kids walking back from school - anybody could've been in the way.

"We filled out a police report but I don't know how successful it will be as we don't have a registration number.

"We've never had any problems with this junction. What the circumstances around the crash were I don't know, but we were quite surprised that nobody stopped.

"They didn't even get out of the car."

The damage left behind to Sarah Jukes' home after a car smashed into the wall on her driveway in Russell Avenue, Sprowston

The damage left behind to the home in Russell Avenue, Sprowston - Credit: Sarah Jukes

Sarah's next step is to get a quote to repair the wall, but fears the structure will have to be entirely demolished and rebuilt.

She said: "Although there's a big hole in it it looks like other parts have been knocked loose as well. The whole thing might have to be replaced."

Sarah Jukes said the perpetrating car mounted a high kerb before obliterating her wall - missing her own car by a few feet

Sarah Jukes said the car mounted the high kerb outside before hitting her wall - Credit: Sarah Jukes

Sarah's car was just metres away from the point of impact when the unknown vehicle struck: "My car was parked about four foot from the wall, so luckily none of the bricks hit the car.

"They did just miss the lamppost. If they'd hit that and that had gone over, that would've hit the house."