WATCH: Norwich man captures moment would-be burglar attempts to break into his house

A person attempted to break into houses on Duke Street. Photo: Submitted by Nicholas Pover

A person attempted to break into houses on Duke Street. Photo: Submitted by Nicholas Pover - Credit: Archant

A man from Norwich and his neighbour were unsettled to discover that someone had tried to break into their homes.

Nicholas Pover, 33, who lives on Duke Street in Norwich, shared footage captured on his neighbour's CCTV system of a person clad in dark clothes trying to gain entry to his house, with the advice 'lock your doors guys.'

Mr Pover, whose house was successfully burgled in April last year, said that he has reinforced the security of his door since and had hoped that his neighbour's new CCTV system would deter any future burglars.

However, his neighbour was alerted to suspicious behaviour via his security system on October 27 and, after reviewing the footage, realised that someone had attempted to break in to both his and Mr Pover's house at around 3am.

'I didn't take the burglary in April personally,' said Mr Pover. 'But attempted robberies in the area are definitely on the rise.'

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He also said that his friend, who lives on Oak Street in Norwich, recently had a man enter his home while he and his family were having dinner.

'More and more people are going around trying people's doors to see if they've been left unlocked.

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'I hope at least that if whoever tried to break into the houses becomes aware of the footage then it will put them off from trying to burgle houses because they've been spotted.'

Police have confirmed an investigation is ongoing into the incident.

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