'There was glass everywhere': Brick thrown through car window

Brick thrown through rear window of vehicle

A brick has been thrown through the rear window of a vehicle, leaving the owner terrified. - Credit: Submitted

A city man has described how a brick was lobbed through his daughter-in-law's car window.

The incident is thought to have occurred around lunchtime between January 10 and 11 outside the victim's house in Lion Wood Road, near Woodrow Pilling Park.

The father-in-law who did not wish to be named, for fear of either him or his family be targeted again, said: "I noticed my daughter-in-law's rear window was broken.

"On closer inspection we found a brick on the back seat.

Damage done to vehicle after brick thrown through it

The brick which was thrown through the back of the vehicle, leaving glass shards everywhere. - Credit: Submitted

"As far we know this is just a mindless act of vandalism and although it's probably not personal it's hard to not feel victimised.

"It has caused so much stress to my daughter. Every time someone goes past her house she's terrified." 

Coupled with the act itself, the time and money it has cost to repair the back window of the vehicle has also taken its toll on the family.

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The victim's father continued: "There were shards of glass everywhere, including the front seat - it cost £500 to get the window replaced.

"The brick was thrown with such force it split the parcel shelf at the front of the car and bounced back on to the rear seats.

"I'm disabled myself and helpless to do anything in my current state.

"There's nothing you can do, you just have to hope it doesn't happen again."

Although those involved are unknown it could be a part of a wider spate of violent acts in the area.

The concerned Lion Wood member added: "It seems door mirrors and tyres are a common target.

"Even the window specialist who replaced the glass in the car commented on how many he's dealt with in the estate."

The area where incident occurred in Harvey Lane near Pilling Park

The area where the incident is believed to have happened, somewhere along Harvey Lane, near Pilling Park. - Credit: Google Maps

The crime has been reported to the police.

A spokesman said: "Officers are investigating an incident of criminal damage in Lion Wood Road, Norwich.

"The incident happened between approximately 4pm on 10 January and 11.30am on 11 January 2022, when the back window of a Kia Picanto was smashed by unknown suspect(s).

"Enquiries are ongoing."