Trio accused of kidnapping man for six hours await jury verdicts

Bronnagh Brannigan was sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

Jurors have retired to consider their verdicts - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Jurors are considering their verdicts in a trial of a trio accused of kidnapping a man in Brandon.

Dominic McArdle, 34, of London Road, Ipswich, Selena Parker, 35, of High Street, Brandon, and Ashley Stuhler, of Glenmore Gardens, Norwich are all charged with unlawfully, by force or fraud, taking or carrying away the alleged victim against his will.

It has been alleged that the man was forced to get into Parker’s car in May last year.

He was then reportedly kept in a flat in The Elms, Brandon, against his will for more than six hours until police officers armed with Tasers went to the building.

Judge David Pugh summed up the evidence in the trial this morning, before jurors retired to consider their verdicts.

Earlier in the trial, Selena Parker told jurors at Ipswich Crown Court that she had been angry and upset when the alleged victim took money out of her bank account without permission.

She admitted slapping his face after he admitted spending the money on drugs.

However, she denied he had been forced into her car and kept against his will.

Parker told the court that the man had said he wanted to get her money back and had willingly got into her car, so he could make telephone calls to try and get money to repay her.

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Parker said she had not heard anyone threaten the man or assault him.

Giving evidence, Stuhler said he had been in a relationship with Parker at the time of the alleged kidnap.

He said he was angry when he heard the alleged victim had taken money from her bank account, leaving her without money to pay for food and electricity.

He also denied forcing the alleged victim to get into a car and holding him against his will.

He admitted hitting the alleged victim on the side of the head after learning he had spent Parker’s money on cocaine.

Stuhler denied telling the alleged victim’s mother that he was going to hurt her son.

He said at one stage, he saw the alleged victim bleeding from a cut near his eye but did not see how it had happened.

He admitted saying he was going to kill the man but said he had not meant it. It was something he had said because he was angry, he said.

Stuhler said there had been a lot of shouting and arguing in the flat but the alleged victim had not been in any danger.