'A slap in the face' - Bookshop owner's phone stolen from inside shop

Leanne and Dan Fridd are creating a giant snakes and ladders on the floor of their shop Bookbugs and

Leanne and Dan Fridd are creating a giant snakes and ladders on the floor of their shop Bookbugs and Dragon Tales in Norwich to make social distancing fun when they reopen Picture: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Sonya Duncan

The owner of a Norwich bookshop has said she has been left feeling "violated" after her phone was stolen from inside the shop.

Leanne Fridd, who runs Bookbugs and Dragontales on Timberhill with her husband Dan, has asked customers to be patient if trying to contact the businesses while she is without her phone.

The incident happened at around 5pm on Friday, July 2, just as the shop was preparing to close.

Owners Dan and Leanne Fridd outside Bookbugs and Dragon Tales, Norwich

Owners Dan and Leanne Fridd outside Bookbugs and Dragon Tales, Norwich - Credit: Supplied by Bookbugs and Dragon Tales

Mrs Fridd said she heard someone enter the shop and went to greet them but only saw them leaving and instantly knew "something didn't feel right" but it was only after she returned to the shop that she realised her phone was missing.

She then checked the shop's CCTV and saw footage showing the person leaning through the plastic partition by the till to snatch her phone.

Mrs Fridd said: "I do a lot of work from my phone, social media and so on, it's really important to small independents. It made me feel a bit violated, it's a community space we make people feel part of our family. They weren't customers they were just chancers."

Mrs Fridd, whose shop was recently named as one of the 10 best independent bookshops in Britain, said she had accepted she would not see the phone again and believed those who had taken it were "chancers".

"The sad thing is if they had come in and asked me for something I'm more than likely to give it to them, we want to help the local community.

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"It just makes me sad, we're not a big chain we put our hearts and souls into this place, it feels like someone walking into your home and taking something."

Mrs Fridd said following the theft, which has been reported to the police, she was reassessing how she did things in the shop.

"It's made me feel a little bit violated, I feel like I can't leave my front room and if a customer needs help I'm not going to be able to leave the front room. It's not the end of the world, it just feels a bit like a slap in the face," she said.

We have contacted Norfolk police.