Parcel thief in for a shock after nabbing mystery package from city home

The thief was spotted on home security installed at the home in Norwich's Golden Triangle

The thief was spotted on home security installed at the home in Norwich's Golden Triangle - Credit: Submitted

A criminal hoping for a Christmas steal may not have got quite what they bargained for. 

People have been warned to alert amid a rise in opportunist doorstep thefts. 

And one such low-life nicked a parcel left on a doorstep in the Golden Triangle's Avenue Road on Saturday night.

Doorbell video footage reveals someone sneaking up to the house and scooping up the package before walking off at around 8.20pm. 

But rather than a brand new shiny Christmas present, the thief would have opened the cardboard box to find more than 100 nappies.

The 30-year-old victim, who did not wish to be identified, said she is currently on maternity leave with her three-month-old child.

She said: "It is pretty annoying for me because the whole reason I got the nappies delivered is because it makes it so much easier not carrying around a bulky product.

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"The purchase is insured so I can claim it through my credit card but it is more admin for me which is a pain." 

The stolen nappies, which have not been returned, cost £30 with 136 of them in total within the box. 

It comes as people are being warned about a rise in opportunist parcel thefts nationally.

Parcel postboxes are to be rolled out from August along with multiple other ways to improve the deli

The Royal Mail rolled out parcel postboxes in August which will help to clamp down on the crime - Credit: Royal Mail

Dubbed 'porch piracy', deliveries are being snatched within minutes of being placed outside homes as thieves follow delivery vans.

The Norwich mother had updated her preferences on Hermes requesting for the parcel to be left in a safer place such as a shed as she was out at the time.

A spokeswoman for Hermes said: "We apologise for the inconvenience and will fully investigate if we are provided with a name, address and 16 digit parcel number.

Hermes delivery note. 

Hermes delivery note. - Credit: Flickr/Project365

"Theft of parcels is rare, however we would ask customers to ensure they are at home to receive their parcels or choose to have them delivered to a different location.

"Options include delivery to one of our national network of ParcelShops, a neighbour; or a Hermes locker."

A spokeswoman for Norfolk Police said: "Police were investigating the theft of a parcel from outside a property in Avenue Road.

"The investigation has however since been closed due to there being no further lines of enquiry.

"As with any closed investigation, should any new evidence come to light, this decision could be reconsidered."