'Kick in the teeth': Family's heartbreak after Christmas presents stolen

Ashleigh Carter, of Eaton, whose parcel was stolen on December 23

Ashleigh Charles, 24, of Northfields in Eaton - Credit: Contributed

A city woman was left "devastated" after her brother's Christmas presents were stolen from the front step of her own home after being left outside by a delivery driver. 

Ashleigh Charles, 24, of Northfields in Eaton, said it was "a major kick in the teeth" that the bag was nabbed on December 23.

But after being contacted by the Evening News this week, Hermes has now agreed to reimburse Miss Charles £64 for the trouble caused so close to Christmas.

The presents, which included football boots, had been purchased for Ashleigh's 15-year-old brother Ricardo. 

Miss Charles said the family had borrowed £20 which had been donated to them for the presents.

"We tried our best to not let him know it was his present that was taken as he would’ve been so devastated," Miss Charles said.

"But he kind of figured it out and he was more upset that our money was spent for nothing," she added. 

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The parcel had been left outside a nearby shed, but as the family lives on the second floor of a block of flats so were unaware the delivery had been left there.

Hermes delivery note. 

Hermes delivery note. - Credit: Flickr/Project365

Miss Charles said: "Our mum passed away in November 2018 and Ricardo and my younger sister left Norwich to live with our older brother in London.

"I haven’t been able to have them for Christmas until this year so I really tried my best to make it as amazing as possible because that’s how my mum always did it for them. So it was a major kick in the teeth." 

A spokeswoman for Hermes said: "We have been in touch with the customer to apologise for any inconvenience and offered a goodwill payment to cover the cost of the missing parcel.

"Theft of parcels is rare, however we would ask customers to ensure they are at home to receive their parcels or choose to have them delivered to a different location. Options include delivery to one of our national network of ParcelShops, a neighbour or a Hermes locker.

"Any customers experiencing delivery issues need to contact their retailer in the first instance and they will in turn contact Hermes if required."