Alcohol and drugs kill Lakenham man

A Lakenham man was discovered dead on his friend's sofa after taking a cocktail of drugs and alcohol, an inquest heard yesterday.

Christopher Carter Carman, of Cricket Ground Road, turned up at the home of his friend Joseph Holt at about 8pm on Saturday, October 2, and was invited inside where he continued to drink lager.

He told his friend that he had 'something special' and revealed the drugs he was carrying, which Mr Holt then tried to confiscate.

However, Mr Carman proceeded to take the heroin that killed him before falling asleep on the sofa where he was later discovered dead in the early hours of the morning.

Mr Holt, of Wellington Road, Norwich said: I fell asleep on the other sofa woke up in the early hours of the morning. I went to get him a blanket and he was slumped and I realised something was wrong.

'I decided to call the ambulance but I did not have any credit so I ran to the nearest phone box.'

Coroner, William Armstrong, said: 'It is clear that Mr Holt was very disapproving and quite clearly Chris was intending on taking drugs.' He recorded a verdict of accidental death caused by alcohol and drug poisoning.