Addict begs Norwich magistrates to send him to prison

A gambling addict who stole money from his former girlfriend yesterday begged a judge to send him to jail.

Norwich magistrates heard how David Gibson, 44, of Fishergate, Norwich, had stolen a bank card from his girlfriend at the time and withdrew �190 from the account to feed his gambling addiction.

He pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison.

Representing himself, he said: 'I'm totally disgusted with my behaviour to my ex-girlfriend, I stole from the person I love and left her and her daughter with nothing for a week while I did a runner.

'I've got nothing. I beg you to give me a custodial sentence and make an order that I reimburse my ex.'

The court heard how Gibson had stolen the money to gamble and had lost all the money on the bets he placed.

He then went on the run before he handed himself in to the police.

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Gibson was also ordered to pay �190 in compensation.