Man in his 20s stabbed near Norwich park

Police at the scene of a stabbing in Sleaford Green

Police at the scene of a stabbing in Sleaford Green - Credit: Archant

A man in his 20s has been stabbed near a Norwich park, which left a heavy police presence in the area.

Officers dealt with the incident in Sleaford Green, Norwich, near Waterloo Park which happened on Thursday (April 21) afternoon.

A police cordon in place in Sleaford Green, Norwich

A police cordon in place in Sleaford Green, Norwich - Credit: Archant

A Norfolk Constabulary spokesman confirmed an ambulance had been called to reports of a 30-year-old man "with stabbing injuries".

Neighbour Kayel Lee said he was used to seeing police in the area - but he admitted to being shocked by the amount.

He said: "It does seem like police are always in the area to be honest but it was unusual to have as many as that show up.

"There were nearly 10 police cars, armed police so I was worried it would be a bit more than a stabbing.

"I was in the bathroom and I heard lots of sirens and thought I'd go and check it out and police were still arriving when I was outside."

Multiple police cars attended the incident.

Multiple police cars attended the incident. - Credit: Kayel Lee

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Mr Lee's partner added that it happened at "school pick-up time" at about 3.10pm.

She added: "I was in the garden and I could hear the sirens getting louder and louder.

"It was rather dramatic and we both couldn't believe what had happened - it was all going on today."

Another neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said she was concerned about letting her children go out on their own.

She said: "I came back from the school run at about 3.50pm and police cars had blocked the road.

"It doesn't fill you with much confidence when you live in the area.

"There's been incidents before but nothing ever like this. I've lived here for 10 years and it's always been quiet.

"My eldest is 14 and walks to and from school on his own. The fact that things like this happen, it makes me really nervous about letting him out on his own."

A cordon is currently in place, but traffic is able to pass through the street as normal.

A police forensics van arrived at the scene shortly after 6pm, with several police cars also in attendance.