A city gym has confirmed it is working with local authorities after a woman claimed she was harassed and followed around its car park by a group of men.

Anna Bunn was leaving the David Lloyd fitness club in Hellesdon on Friday, February 3 at 8.45pm and says she was approached by a group of six middle-aged men.

The men are said to have approached her and followed her while whistling and cat-calling as she walked towards her car.

The men followed her on scooters attempting to intimidate her and also held up phones as if they were taking a picture or video.

Norwich Evening News:

When Ms Bunn got to her car she says one man stopped in front of the door and smiled at her, she then asked why he was following her and told him to go away, at which point he laughed and smiled again.

As she drove off Ms Bunn says the man stared at her all the way out of the car park, alongside the Holiday Inn Express hotel and Asda supermarket.

She said: "Every woman is scared of this and no one should ever have to go through it.

"I said 'why are you following me, leave me alone' but he just gave me another strange smile."

Now Ms Bunn goes to the gym earlier and her partner, Adam Harrison, picks her up.

Following the incident, Mr Harrison visited the club to ask for something to be done about the group but said so far nothing had been done.

Norwich Evening News:

He said: "We don't want to hit the gym because it's a pretty rough position for them, with these people congregating.

"But they have huge membership costs so it's not very good.

"I've spoken to people there and they all say this has happened to people they know."

A spokeswoman for David Lloyd Leisure confirmed it was working on the issue.

She said: “Our members should always feel safe on their way to our club. 

"We are supporting local authorities who are taking the appropriate measures to ensure that this does not happen in the future."

Norfolk Police has been contacted for comment.