Norfolk Trading Standards has issued a warning over an "old style" scam that has returned to the county's letterboxes offering a prize of more than £800,000.

It comes after someone living in the county called the regulator to report receiving a letter stating they had won the lottery and the prize was £825,000.

The individual was also told all that needed to be done was to pay a processing fee by handing over personal account details and they would send the money via certified cheque.

The person who had been targeted knew they had not entered the lottery and did not fall for the scam.

But the report prompted Trading Standards to warn the scam had returned.

Some victims of the scam have previously reported providing their bank details thinking they would be sent a small payment to verify the account, however, criminals will use these details to steal money.

The scam can be reported via Citizens' Advice consumer helpline on freephone 0808 223 1133.