A jury took a little over an hour to convict a woman of causing the death of a motorcyclist by careless driving.

Lynne Warden, 75, of Steggles Drive, Roydon, has gone on trial having denied causing death by careless driving after a fatal crash on the A140 at Dickleburgh, near Diss.

It comes after David Clarke, 56, of Cross Street, Eye, died after his BMW motorbike collided with the rear of Warden's Ford C-Max car at about 3pm on January 10, 2020.

On Monday (October 3) Warden was convicted of the offence by a Norwich Crown Court jury who took just over an hour and 10 minutes to reach verdicts.

Warden, who wore a blue jacket and glasses in the dock, showed no emotion as the verdict was announced.

Judge Katharine Moore adjourned sentence until Thursday (October 6) to allow a pre-sentence report to be carried out.

Earlier on Monday (October 3) Judge Moore finished summing up evidence in the case.

She had told the jury of 10 women and two men they should "put aside" any feeling of sympathy they might have towards one side or the other.

Judge Moore said they must consider the evidence in the case "dispassionately" and fairly to everyone in reaching verdicts in the case.

The judge's summing up was after the prosecution and defence gave their closing speeches in the case.

Stephen Spence, prosecuting, said the fatal crash had been "an error on her (Warden's) part" and while it might only have been a "momentary error" it had "the most tragic consequences".

Mr Spence said: "It was an error that need not have happened, it was an error that shouldn't have happened because if she had looked in a way an ordinary, competent driver would then she would have seen the motorcyclist and she wouldn't have pulled out."

Meanwhile, Jude Durr, defending, described it as a "tragic case" and a "genuine human tragedy".

He said driving was a human activity not a perfect science adding that even competent and careful drivers "on occasion make a mistake".

Mr Durr said Warden, who had "pretty close to an exemplary driving record" had not set out to "end someone's life".