Vandals have targeted Norwich tennis courts, in what could be the latest in a long-running dispute over work being carried out there.

Glass jars of white paint have been thrown over the courts at Heigham Park.

There have been mixed feelings about the new accessible tennis courts being built.

In 2021 there were many talks and protests as some members of the community strongly disagreed with the council on building hard tennis courts in the park.

There were some 120 opposed to the building work, but the work was approved and it has since been started.

Claire Read, a regular user of the park was "shocked and saddened" on Saturday to discover that the courts, which are not yet finished, have been vandalised.

She said: “I was just walking past and I wanted to see how they were getting on with the courts and if they had begun to put the green layer over them yet, but what I actually saw was mindless vandalism.”

Ms Read found the vandals had filled glass jars with gloss paint and had proceeded to throw them all over the courts.

Norwich Evening News: Claire was upset to find the vandalism, the tennis courts are not yet finished.Claire was upset to find the vandalism, the tennis courts are not yet finished. (Image: Claire Read)

“There was broken glass and paint everywhere,” she said.

She added “I know there is a small but very vocal group of people who have protested about the courts, but this action seems very extreme, it’s a sad day because these were facilities for everyone in our community.

“The courts will also be used by at least four schools, so it’s very confusing.”

This comes as campaigners took to protesting in the park last year to stop the notion of building hard floodlit courts in the park.

Exclaiming “We won’t be steamrollered.”

Norwich Evening News: Police were later seen in the area.Police were later seen in the area. (Image: Claire Read)

The arguments arose as community members felt the money it would take to build the courts could be much better spent elsewhere.

The community continues to be very much divided on the future of the park.

Ms Read said the police were called and she saw them later in the avenues, so anyone with information should contact the Police.

Norfolk police have been approached for comment.