A man with chef's knives led to a full-scale security alert at Old Buckenham Air Show which saw staff and police called to contain the incident.

Security at the show near Attleborough were alerted to a man, who was reported to be "acting strangely with a blade", at about 4pm yesterday (July 31) and immediately contained the incident before calling the police.

But when police arrived at the site at 4.40pm and found the man, they discovered he had been working at the air show for an external caterer and by this time the knives were safely back in his car.

The man was initially handcuffed by police while they investigated the circumstances of the incident before being released.

Officers say no offences were committed, but show organiser, Matt Wilkins said the man "severely tested" security staff who he said dealt with the incident "with flying colours".

Show visitors were delayed for a short period of time as the car park was closed while the incident was sorted.

Matt Wilkins, organiser of the show, said: "The incident passed peacefully thanks to the excellent and professional work of our security and the police.

"The delay to the public was minimal and everyone was very understanding, we got them moving again very quickly."