Rapper who put prison days behind him releases new single

Shane Harvey, aka Creepzz, has released a new single Life Journeys 

Shane Harvey, aka Creepzz, has released a new single Life Journeys - Credit: Sonya Duncan/Shane Harvey

A city rapper who has transformed his life from behind bars at 15 to an ambitious musician has released a new single featuring the Evening News. 

Shane Harvey, 26, who is more commonly known as Creepzz, hopes to inspire others to change their life around and pursue their dreams. 

The musician's new song 'Life Journeys' is based on the most important people who have helped him to turn his life around. 

"I basically went on my music hard drive and grabbed all my memories from my past and present," he said. 

Artwork for the new single's cover was created by local graphic designer Noor Grafix. 

Norwich rapper Creepzz aka Shane Harvey has turned his life around using music.Byline: Sonya Duncan

Norwich rapper Creepzz aka Shane Harvey has turned his life around after being in prison at 15 - Credit: Sonya Duncan

The cover has a montage of memories including the recent front page of the Evening News which told the story of Creepzz's journey.

Creepzz said: "The story behind the artwork was deeply thought about. I wrote the song a few days after the Evening News article was published and it kind of came from the story you released of me due to the great attention I was getting from it.

"I put my all into the song and artwork based on a whole bunch of factors and important people in my life."

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The artwork includes a photo of the rapper's parents John and Ann who used to write to their son weekly while he was in prison as well as sending him money. 

John died of cancer at the age of 67 in October 2019 and Creepzz has been prompted to stay loyal to his dad's words of advice.

He explained: "I made a promise with my dad before he died that I'd never go back to my old ways when I got released and I'd never forget him.

"That's one of the reasons he is on the cover.

"My parents played such a great part of my life teaching me right from the start and standing by my side." 

His stage name Creepzz is inspired by light-hearted comments from his parents when he was a child. 

While in prison for a variety of offences including robbery and use of a weapon, the rapper was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and borderline autism.

His YouTube account can be found here

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